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Register with us to let us know about your interviewing skills and contactdetails.

Define Interview level

After a 10 minutes discussion with you, based on your experience and our analysis, you will start with a certain band.

Interview opportunities

You will be informed about interview opportunities via call / Email / App based notifications for relevant interviews. Show your interest as per your availability.

Get appointment details

If interview is scheduled with you, you will get notified via call / app / e-mail about interview timing and audio call bridge details.

Join conference by phone call

After reminder call by coordinator, join the audio call bridge at scheduled time. Other parties will not come to know your contact details.

Give Feedback online

Give detailed feedback in different fields (Progamming / concepts / design / behavioural) in App. Also tell how much candidate is fit for that JD. This will be done online at link sent to you.

Get paid monthly

All billings are done on monthly basis. Based on your level and number of interviews done, calculated amount will be transferred to you in your preffered banking system (preferrably via Paytm).

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