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FAQ for Organizations

Registration fee is completely waived off.

Cangra believes in quality over quantity , however to build and develop faith in our process, we provide two demo interviews so that Cangra gets synched up with your organization's hiring process.

Our backend system ensures that interviews are scheduled only to those interviewers who are not part of your organization.
We have strong backend system which screens the resume and require details shared b organization; accordingly we imply a dedicated team of interviewers .

Our backend system ensures that interviews are scheduled only to those interviewers who are not part of your organization.

Interview fee structure is well documented and very affordable and best in industry, for more queries , please drop mail at connect@cangra.com.

FAQ for Interviewers

CANGRA is growing by leaps and bounds. Primarily we are focusing on the domains covered in the Domains page, but we are also expanding our panellist across industry verticals. So connect with us immaterial of your domain or industry.

We would recommend you to download the app for the further ease of communications. We match the skills required for the interview from your profile; accordingly you will be notified via app notification or E-mail. However your interest and availability to take the interview will lead you to the assigned Interviewer category, we sort the best matched skills of interviewer and confirm the panellist about the same. The whole interview will be done over Audio Conference Bridge.

After completing the registration process, CANGRA team holds a discussion with you to evaluate your interview band which will be entirely depend on your work experience and interviewing skills. We have created band structure internally as per the experience and current interview rates. Charges per interview will be decided on basis of your band. This structure will be fixed, until next review is done on your interviewing performance.

We are into process of building the network of skilled Interviewers; we do keep a check on your individuality. You will be asked to share your contact details and email id so that we can reach at the time interview scheduling or any updating the process or information. As per the list of panellist displayed on our website will be covering only your exp, domain expertise and your primary skills which you are expert in taking interviews up.

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