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Why to outsource Interviews

Interview outsourcing is need of hour for every corporate

With time projects keep growing, so the team size. Let us understand the problems being faced by organizations -

1. Busy Technical Teams
After doing survey of more than 100 engineers who are working in different projects in difference teams across industries, we found that more than 80% teams are overloaded with current project delivaries. In this situation, it is hard to take out time for other team activities like assiting in recruitment.

2. More filtering at HR level

As it is obvious that due to other responsibilities, HR team has to hear 'NO' from Technical team for their slots. This discourages HR to schedule more interviews to find the best suitable candidate.

3. Quality issues due to too many interviews
Even if HR tries to reduce candidate count, still it is a big count. Due to this Technical team is forced to keep interview time short or do it in hurry.

4. Interview by internal team is costly 
If we measure the hourly expense which comes by utilizing internal technical team for interviews, it is very high considering their salary packages. 

Large scale interviews

Interview outsourcing can help in conducting a lot more interviews in same amount of time

Setup new vertical

With external panels, a company can setup a new vertical without prior expertise in that domain

Unaffected core projects

Internal core team can focus more on project deliveries than dealing with huge number of average candidates

How CANGRA helps by Interview outsourcing

Now when we understand the problems, let's see how interview outsourcing can help an orgnanization.

Expedite your interview process with reduced cost to company

No more wait for panels

We understand the problems of HR team in getting internal panels. We make interviewing efficient, timely and confidential.

Productive Tech Team

Now internal Technical team fully focus on ongoing projects and later rounds. It really enhances their productivity.


Expert panels & AI tools

Expert panel provides detailed technical analysis. AI video analysis tools provides extra psychometric information.

Best Pricing

CANGRA is determined to provide the quality- panel- tools at the best pricing.

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