Technical Domains Covered

Wireless & Embedded

  • Wireless Protocol stack for GSM/UMTS/LTE etc.
  • Testing for Wireless protocols & devices
  • Embedded, BSP, Device drivers
  • and much more ...

Web & Web Apps

  • Front-end (HTML5, JS, JQ, AngularJS etc.)
  • Back-end (Spring, Hibernate, NodeJS etc.)
  • Web testing (Selenium, JUnit etc.)
  • and much more ...

Automation & Advanced Tools

  • Python & Perl based frameworks
  • Automation Tools
  • New age technologies like AI etc.
  • Data Analysis (SQL/R/Python etc.)
  • and much more ...

Mobile Apps & PC Software

  • Android & iOS development
  • JAVA Based PC software
  • .NET based PC software
  • UI/UX
  • and much more ...

Any Other Domain

We are open to explore any domain of your interest. So connect with us without doubt.

Other Industries


Textiles, Automobile etc.

Service Industry

BPO, Finance, Insurance, Banking etc.

Ready to explore

We are open to work in any skilled domain.

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