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What We Serve

For Organization

  • Interview outsourcing
  • Coding assessment
  • Resume sourcing
  • Pre-screened resume sourcing
  • Revaluation of your candidate

For Interviewer

  • Interviewing as a freelancer
  • Paid on interview basis
  • Get certified
  • Strengthen your skills
  • Appointment through WhatsApp

For Jobseeker

  • Mock interviews
  • Career counseling
  • Ask from experts
  • Know your feedback
  • Get notified for openings

Our Panel Strength

Technology Panels
Backend - JavaJ2EE, Spring, Hibernate
Backend - .NETC#, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Backend - PythonPython, PHP, Ruby
JavaScriptTypeScript, jQuery
Technology Panels
Technology Panels

Our Interviewing Expertise

Our Technical Skills Interview is me.culously designed to assess a candidate's capabilities across a wide range of so?ware disciplines, ensuring that we bring onboard the best talent to drive our projects forward. Our interview process is structured to evaluate both the breadth and depth of a candidate's technical knowledge and practical skills.

Cangra’s Unique Features

CANGRA is leading the charge in innovation by introducing cutting-edge AI toolkits to streamline the interview process like never before. This new trend is revolutionizing the way companies identify and engage with potential candidates.

PlagDetector AI
Intellifit AI
AuthNinja AI
TalentMatch AI
ProxyShield AI
Transcript Summary
PlagDetector AI

PlagDetector ensures the authenticity of candidate code submissions by employing advanced algorithms to detect and deter plagiarism, safeguarding the integrity of your recruitment process and upholding coding standards with precision.

Intellifit AI

Redefining interviewer selection with revolutionary cognitive compatibility assessment. Our cutting-edge algorithms ensure optimal interviewer match, enhancing communication and synergy for unparalleled interview experiences.

AuthNinja AI

Elevating interview security with state-of-the-art biometric technology for robust identity verification. Safeguard your interview process with cutting-edge authentication measures, ensuring trust and integrity at every stage.

TalentMatch AI

Empowering recruiters with advanced algorithms to seamlessly match job descriptions with candidate resumes, ensuring precise talent connections even before the interview. Streamline your hiring process and discover the perfect fit with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

ProxyShield AI

Your ultimate defense against deep fake proxies in interviews. Utilizing cutting-edge deep fake detection technology, we ensure authentic candidate interactions by identifying and preventing proxy usage, safeguarding the integrity of your recruitment process with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Transcript Summary

Transforming interview data into actionable insights. Our advanced algorithms deliver concise and structured summaries of interviews, empowering recruiters with key highlights and facilitating informed decision-making with ease and efficiency.

Technology in Process

Bulk Uploading of CVs

Ease of Bulk upload CVs swiftly and schedule interviews by a sheet. We do hands-on work for you.

Automated Detail parsing from CVs

Efficiently extract skills, experiences etc CVs unlocking insights galore.

Integration with your ERP system

Seamless integration, ERP and talent unite, Efficiency enhanced, workflows take flight.

Automated process for Interview scheduling, replanning, emailing etc

Simplify scheduling, emails and planning with ease, Automated processes streamline, leaving you to focus on expertise.

Dashboard for real time tracking and data analysis

Stay ahead with insights that constantly unfold, Real-time tracking and analysis, your performance story told.

Automated A/V recording and feedback mailing

Effortlessly capture moments, feedback sails in a breeze, Automated recording and feedback mailing, ensuring efficiency with ease.

Why choose Cangra as interview partner

CANGRA is streamlining the interview process innovation by introducing cutting-edge AI tools. This new trend is revolutionizing the way companies identify and engage with potential candidates.


Cangra optimizes interview expenses by leveraging expert interviewer panels, ensuring targeted assessments and minimizing resource allocation for evaluations.

Industry Solutions

Cangra offers tailored industry solutions for interview outsourcing and candidate sourcing, enhancing efficiency and precision in talent acquisition processes.


Cangra accelerates interview process and candidate sourcing, cutting down on time-intensive processes with its streamlined approach and advanced algorithms.

Expert Interviewers

Cangra Talents stands apart by curating a diverse pool of expert interviewers spanning various industries and domains. With firsthand experience and insights from different companies, our team ensures comprehensive evaluations.

Delivering Value To Our Clientele

Every challenge is an opportunity for Cangra . We deliver solutions that help you mark your presence in the digital world.

  • ACSIA Technologies

    “Cangra has helped us to complete the technical interviews within timelines. Detailed technical assessment sheets were provided after each interview which helped our technical team for further assessment. We would like to appreciate the quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to our requests.“

    Mini S, TA Manager

  • PDG Software

    "Being a fast-paced growing firm we have faced challenges in dedicating time along with our agile development to interview the huge set of candidates who have been applying for our open positions. Cangra Talents has helped us immensely in solving this problem by taking the 1st round of technical interviews and providing us the shortlisted candidates with detailed reports.“

    Eben Thomas, MD

  • EKA Software

    “I feel like writing a thank you note for CANGRA team. The interview process is very smooth. The quality of your interviewers is good and the feedback which they give has all the details. The best thing which I personally like is your interview report. It has all the details and link of the test and video recording.”

    Sanjay Sahu, Manager-TA

  • Comviva

    “I am pleased to share that 80% of the candidates selected by Cangra are offered by Comviva. This is a healthy indicator of our alignment on the requirements and we are definitely moving in the right direction. Thanks to the entire Cangra team for their efforts!!“

    Ajay Gurnani, Customer Success Leader

  • InsurePro

    “We had an exceptional experience working with Cangra for our technical hiring. Cangra has interviewers with extensive experience and possesses relevant domain knowledge. The evaluation is done in depth and the report provided is highly insightful. The overall process is highly streamlined and efficient. We highly recommend their services to any company seeking exceptional technical interviewers.”

    Shwetha R, Manager TA

Who We are

CANGRA was founded in 2017 by team of IIT-Kanpur alumni, IIT-BHU alumni and an Industry veteran. We have eminent personalites as our advisors including Mr. Vinod Sood (MD, Hughes Systique).

  • Ashu PathakCo-Founder

    An IIT Varanasi alumni with 16 years exposure working from locations in USA & UK. He observed the need to transform interview process and started CANGRA. He loves travelling and process automation.

  • Supriya VermaHead - Operations

    With 15+ years experience in HR, BD and Operations, Supriya manages operations and business. She is a relationship builder with strong business focus at all levels.

Vision & Mission

CANGRA envisions to become global benchmark for talents grading across all industries including IT, manufacturing and medical etc.
Our mission follows in depth analysis of talents by experts assisted by advance technologies to let our clients in achieving their goals.

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